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A supply chain initiative based on sharing-economy principles, to coordinate & stimulate new communities of holistic well-being.
The ability to coordinate a large number of individuals is one of the greatest forces in society.
Food security concerns is driving awareness to reconnecting with the land.
Farming is a way of life that can shape ideal social values.
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A cultivator acquires the virtues of honor, self-reliance, courage, moral integrity, and hospitality. A conscious community of doing what you say, and saying what you do.
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Mindfulness of soil, encourages an interdependent relationship between humans and the land, aiming to renew the health of ecosystems, the nutritional integrity of the food supply and the vitality of communities.
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Accessibility of locally grown sustenance and earth medicines to coordinate and stimulate new communities of holistic well-being.
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Small scale farming is the key to the future of food. Utilizing technology, ShareBuds has the ability to disrupt modern supply chains and transform industry.
*Note - Demo is outdated, but displays the user experience and features of a local supply chain.
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